Powerful, Most Advanced Hydraulic And Hydrologic Modelling Solution For Engineers.

Stop juggling multiple tools. VO-SWMM’s dual-drainage model capability allows for easy modeling of rainwater flow and hydraulic simulation of the overland system with the underground sewer system

Everything You Need For Water and Sewer Modeling

VO-SWMM help simplifies the analysis of watershed studies, sub-watershed studies, master drainage plans, site plans, and stormwater management pond designs

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“I have been using VO for over 5 years and am impressed with the balance between hydrologic model simplicity and achieving reliable results for approval agencies. The software is easy to learn and new releases have consistently increased user-friendly features for data input and data analysis.”
David Marshall, Intermediate Engineer,
Tatham Engineering

One Platform, Two Modeling Engines

With EPA-SWMM and OTTHYMO Hydrology and Hydraulic Modeling Engines creates a dual drainage system


Simulation Result

Check simulation results with data chart, summary table and profile plotting tools

More Features

Easy Scenario Management

Manage multiple scenarios in same project with quick switch and result comparison


Fully compatible with US EPA-SWMM 5

GIS-based Dual Drainage Tools

Powerful GIS tools for dual-drainage analysis

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