A Dual Drainage Solution for Hydraulic and Hydrologic Modelling

The only Tool with I/I Manhole Analysis

VO-SWMM Features

Sub-division planning
• Sub-division planning
• Modeling drainage system capacity for land development
GIS integration
• Importing the shapefiles
• Modeling on a real map
• Better visualization and understanding of the watershed
• Inbuilt map and no need for other licenses
• Increase the efficiency of the model development
Sewer profile
• Checking the consistency of sewer designs for any route
• Sewer design and resizing for surcharging purposes
Dual drainage modeling
• Modeling overland runoff and drainage system using the real    map intuitively using a complete midcrodrainage toolbox
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DEM Tool
• Importing any DEM file
• Analyze any DEM file to get Fill sink, sag layer, flow path, flow    direction and flow slope
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Data and Project Management
• Create your own data center
• Manage different scenarios
• Use the pre-established data from verified authorizations
• User-friendly platform to work on different scenarios
• Assign data to different subcatchments and scenarios
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VO-SWMM Features

Mapping Flood Extend
• Standalone tool to plot the flood extend for any given rainfall in a watershed
• Using satellite pictures as background for reporting    purposes
Manhole I/I analysis
• Locate vulnerable manholes to be submerged by any given    rainfall from inflow and infiltration
• Suitable for design criteria of sanitary sewers in Ontario    legislation
Model and Data QA/QC
• track and troubleshoot their models in case there is any    mistake or error in the modeling
Comparison tool
• Checking different scenarios
• Suitable for reports
• Comparison of model results at any location
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Water quality modeling
• modeling the pollutant processes in subcatchments, sewer    system and LIDs.
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Conversion from OTTHYMO Project
• Visual OTTHYMO projects can be imported to VO-SWMM for    drainage system design purposes
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