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Introducing VO-SWMM

With EPA-SWMM and OTTHYMO Hydrology and Hydraulic Modelling Engines

now available in beta*


Say Hello To Possibilities

VO-SWMM is the most advanced hydraulic and hydrologic modelling platform that has been developed for simplifying the analysis of watershed studies, sub-watershed studies, master drainage plans, site plans, and stormwater management pond designs.

in one platform

OTTHYMO and SWMM 5 engines in the same easy-to-use interface

GIS-based Dual
Drainage Tools

Powerful GIS tools for dual-drainage analysis


Fully compatible with US EPA-SWMM 5

Easy Scenario Management

Manage multiple scenarios in same project with quick switch and result comparison


Check simulation results with data chart, summary table and profile plotting tools

Simple, Yet Powerful

VO-SWMM helps you develop a simple, yet powerful storm and sanitary drainage information management system that integrates asset information, topography, land use, climate and drainage analysis tools into a simple system to identify system performance for use in new growth, intensification planning, and for system operation & maintenance improvements.

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