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Analyzing Your Flow & Rainfall Data
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Quantify the I/I within your sanitary sewer network with DataCurrent

DataCurrent is a comprehensive, SaaS application designed to help identify, quantify, and address the challenges of Inflow and Infiltration (I/I). This easy to use, ESRI-based solution provides up-to-date analysis regarding the flow rates and capacities within your existing sanitary sewer network. Its 24/7, secured online access allows you to consolidate and analyze both historical and real-time sewer flow and rainfall data.

We have designed tools in DataCurrent to help you achieve:

Flow & Rainfall Monitoring

DataCurrent is a web-based GIS system which enables sewer asset performance to be monitored and analyzed. It has the ability to allow flow monitors and their associated catchment areas to be reviewed alongside asset information to enable spatial and temporal analysis, as well as a flexible and powerful charting engine allowing multiple data sets to be compared at a glance.

Data Collection & Mapping

Multiple data formats are required to effectively managing collection systems. Technology advances, capital investment cycles and funding shortages have left many organizations with complex integration challenges. Asset mapping, condition assessments, as-built drawings, monitoring performance data, and even Excel files come together to ensure our critical infrastructure components deliver an expected level of services.

Operational & Data Alarming

Compound alarming allows multiple sensors from multiple locations to send alarms to multiple users in sequence. This can be used to ensure alarms are not triggered by a single malfunctioning sensor, and can be used to send an escalating series of alarms to notify the appropriate people only at the appropriate time.

Reporting & Management

DataCurrent is looking to empower data rich but information poor organizations. Almost every aspect of sewer collection systems have ongoing and/or intermitting data collection processes.Whether it’s a forensic analysis of an extreme rainfall event or an unexpected environmental compliance issue, DataCurrent has the dynamic reporting and real time alarms to ensure managers have the right information at hand when it matters.

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A Functional Roadmap

Optimizing your existing sewer capacity can accomodate future growth and save on major capital expenditures. DataCurrent gives you the trusted analysis to make this happen
DataCurrent - Smart City Water

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