A Hydrologic Software Solution for Single-event & Continuous Modelling

Designed by and for Water Resources Engineers.

VO Features

Single event modelling
• Suitable for design purposes for different return periods
• Generating hydrographs based on unit hydrograph theory
Continuous modeling
• Suitable for water balance calculation
• Generate hydrographs for erosion assessments
• Studying the impact of climate change on runoff
Data and Project Management
• Create your own data center.
• Manage different scenarios.
• Use the pre-established data from verified authorizations.
• User-friendly platform to work on different scenarios.
• Assign data to different subcatchments and scenarios.
GIS integration
• Better visualization and understanding of the watershed
• Inbuilt map and no need for other licenses
• Increase the efficiency of the model development
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Schematic modeling
• Suitable for visualization of system’s structure
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User-friendly interface
• Designed for water resource engineers
   by water resource engineers
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Distributed Rainfall Modeling Technique (DRMT)
• Interpolates rainfall data from a different location to create    rainfall "surfaces" and virtual rain gauges
• Increase the resolution across the study area
• Useful for calibration of big watersheds
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VO Features

Comparison tool
• Checking different scenarios
• Suitable for reports
• Comparison of model results at any location
Water balance
• Analyzing how much water is routed among different parts    (e.g. infiltration, evaporation, runoff)
• Available both in chart and table
LID toolbox
• User-friendly approaches to model 8 different LIDs
• Great tools for water balance mitigation, water quality    treatment and phosphorus reduction
• One of the current practices for peak flow control
Model and data QA/QC
• Automated auditing tools to flag suspect and incorrect data
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Wetland and Hydroperiod Analysis
• Suitable for wetlands due to their rich biodiversity and sensitive ecosystems
• Standalone tool to model and analyze the wetland hydroperiod and inflow mass
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Erosion Analysis
• A great tool to model the potential erosion of rivers
• Three erosion indices: Time of Exceedance, Cumulative
   Erosion Index and Cumulative Effective Work Index.
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