Smart City Drainage Capacity Management

Changing the Way We Plan and Operate. 

Smart City Drainage Capacity Management

What is a Smart City Drainage Capacity Management System?

A collection of telemetered monitoring stations sending digital information to a self-correcting hydrologic/hydraulic modelling engine, resulting in near-real-time flow predictions for any gauged and non-gauged locations. The smart system inspects, monitors, predicts and verifies performance at all locations under multiple scenarios.

Software & Equipment Solutions

Visual OTTHYMO - Smart City Water


Simulate runoff from storm events. Powerful Stormwater Management Made Easy.
DataCurrent - Smart City Water


A Cloud-Based Engine for Hosting and Analyzing Your Flow & Rainfall Data.
Flow Monitoring - Smart City Water

Flow Monitoring

Easy to Operate, Built for Durability, and Deliver Top Performance.

Know how the drainage system is operating everywhere in real-time.




Smart City Capacity Management Components

Near Real-Time Field Data Alarming & Reporting

Field Data Collection & Hosting

Scenario-Based Water Level, and/or Flood Predictions

Multiple Climate & Precipitation Forecast Models

Communicate Action Plans to Key Stakeholders

Watershed/Sewershed Continuous Models

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