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Drainage Software for Municipalities.

Hundreds of municipalities, conservation authorities and water management professionals—use Smart City Water's software solution to predict & manage drainage flow, model & simulate overland system, and access the capacity of Cities.
Smart City Drainage Capacity Management

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What is a Drainage Capacity Management System?

A collection of telemetered monitoring stations sending digital information to a self-correcting hydrologic/hydraulic modelling engine, resulting in near-real-time flow predictions for any gauged and non-gauged locations. The smart system inspects, monitors, predicts and verifies performance at all locations under multiple scenarios.


With Smart City Water, you can...

Assess the capacity of your system

Empower your operational team with robust hydraulic & hydrologic tools

Get data insights to avoid flooding

Make informed decisions with drainage data insights in real-time

Predict & manage drainage flow

Understand your drainage system's capabilities to address I/I challenges

Stay ahead of local regulations

Meet regulations with innovative technology insights

Software Solution

The platform for rainfall analytics, assets, and modelling

Visual Otthymo

Visual OTTHYMO - Smart City Water
A hydrologic software solution for single-event & continuous modelling


DataCurrent software
A cloud-based engine for hosting & analyzing your flow & rainfall data


A dual drainage engine for hydraulic and hydrologic modelling solution

Flow Monitoring

Flow Monitoring - Smart City Water
Easy to operate, built for durability, and deliver top performance

Our Customers

Trusted by over 100 enterprise customers, consultants, and municipalities

What Customers Say about our Software

“I have been using VO for over 5 years and am impressed with the balance between hydrologic model simplicity and achieving reliable results for approval agencies. The software is easy to learn and new releases have consistently increased user-friendly features for data input and data analysis.”
David Marshall, Intermediate Engineer,
Tatham Engineering

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