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Visual OTTHYMO (VO) is a hydrologic modelling software solution for single-event and continuous modelling. Low Impact Development (LIDs) technologies, Storm Water Management (SWM) facilities, wetlands, channels, and sewers can be planned, designed, and analyzed efficiently. VO is intuitive and provides results in less time. 

We have designed tools in VO to help you achieve:

Peak Flow

Water Quality

Site Water

Instream Erosion

Wetland Water

Single-Event and Continuous Modelling

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What is VO? Here's a quick introduction.

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Say Hello To Visual OTTHYMO 6.0

VO 6.0 is the sixth version of the INTERHYMO-OTTHYMO hydrologic model simulation software package. OTTHYMO is a successful hydrologic management model that has been used for various simulation analyses such as:

Watershed Studies

Stormwater Management Plans

Site Plans

Sub-Watershed Studies​

Master Drainage Plans

Stormwater Management Pond Designs

New Features in 6.0

VO 6.0 has made significant advancements to help you meet all the latest regulatory requirements for stormwater management. Here are a few:

• Low Impact Development Toolkit

• Free in-built GIS

• Erosion Analysis

Why Choose VO?

Easy To Use

VO has been created to provide you with a reliable and dependable model that is straightforward and user-friendly.

Efficient Interface

VO has an improved interface that makes the model creation and interpretation of results easier and more efficient than ever.

Saves you time

VO gives users reliable results without a large number of input parameters, giving the model an edge over other “parameter intensive” models. This translates into reduced staff time on your projects.

Widely Accepted

VO is the standard model of choice with many regulatory agencies in Canada, from conservation authorities and municipalities to top consulting firms.

Reliable & Dependable

VO can simulate runoff from statistical storm events. The hydrographs generated are based on unit hydrograph theory and can be used for calibrated or uncalibrated modeling studies.

Expert Support

Integrated with an online help system and efficient tech support, the new VO Help System will provide invaluable assistance to all levels of user.

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