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Smart City Water
Smart City Water

New VO-SWMM Software debuts with a reliable dual-drainage engine.

Smart City Water Inc. (SCW), a Water and Drainage Software Platform is excited to announce the launch of VO-SWMM, a robust tool that combines the capabilities of the EPA-SWMM and OTTHYMO to form a reliable hydrology and hydraulic modelling engine.

Water and drainage engineers in need of insights in water and drainage management have new software for their toolbox with Smart City Water(SCW), a software company focused on hydrologic, flow, and rainfall data analytics for expert insights in water capacity management. The new VO-SWMM software platform brings simplicity and flexibility to how municipalities, agencies, and engineering professionals evaluate urban and rural drainage management. With this launch, we aim to provide engineering professionals with the most advanced hydraulic and hydrologic modeling platform for simplifying the analysis of watershed studies, sub-watershed studies, master drainage plans, site plans, and Stormwater management pond designs.

VO-SWMM software finds unique application during a rainy event when rainwater flows on the street and, some part enters a sanitary or storm sewer system. The dual-drainage model capability allows for easy modeling of the flow on the street and to combine hydraulic simulation of the overland system with the underground sewer systems.

“The model development tools in VO-SWMM help you build integrated drainage asset models that connect surface water with storm and sanitary sewer systems,” says Edward Graham, Founder at Smart City Water.

SCW debuts with inclusive key GIS data processing tools to help manage inputs and output under various climate and land-use, and asset change scenarios. With the new platform, engineers and project managers can gain much-needed insights to identify and prioritize vulnerable locations that contribute to system overloading and other key performance measures such as inflow and infiltration into sanitary sewers.

About Smart City Water Inc:

Smart City Water (SCW) is a software company focused on hydrologic, flow, and rainfall data analytics for quality and expert insights in water capacity management. Users can learn more about our VO-SWMM or other software and equipment solutions from our website. For media relation, please contact Femi Oloruntoba at

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