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Flow Monitoring
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With a thirty-year legacy of proven technology, Smart City Water offers the most ultrasonic and area-velocity flow monitors available, deploying LTE-M IoT communication technology.
Flow Monitoring - Smart City Water (DataCurrent)

Garbage In
Garbage Out

Your choice of flow monitor makes a difference.

Usable Data

Use primary devices to guarantee the accuracy of measurements in problematic sites (low flow, etc.)


Leverage a powerful data hosting and analytics platform to get near-real-time, actionable reports and assessments.

Next Generation Flow Monitoring Equipment

Sewer Camera Technology

Infrared camera sensor and 12 LED/Lens array help you see farther in more detail! Our proprietary swivel bipod, height and tilt remote control mechanisms allow for unprecedented speed, accuracy and stability in setup, adjustments and operations.

Introducing the LIDoTT

LIDoTTĀ® is a best-in-class water level sensor, integrating ultrasonic level, pressure depth and temperature sensors into one compact device. LIDoTTĀ® is a fantastic choice for Combined Sewer or Sanitary Sewer Overflow points.

Sewer Camera

Infrared camera sensor and 12 LED/Lens array.

Multi-Sensor Flow Meter

Telemetered, intrinsically-safe Area-Velocity flow monitor.


Telemetered, intrinsically safe ultrasonic level/pressure depth data logger and sensor.


Water flow and water quality
monitoring system.

Point Orange
Data Logger

5-channel LTE-M Remote Telemetry Unit suitable for many applications

Point Green
Data Logger

3G Remote Telemetry Unit designed for rain gauge applications


Primary devices for increased accuracy at low flow or problem sites.

10 Essential Ways to Implement a Successful Flow Monitoring Program

Click below to download and read more about 10 things you can do to ensure results from your flow monitoring program.

The Essential Flow Monitoring Toolbox

Different flow monitoring technologies are better suited to particular environments. There are several different application points to consider when selecting a water flow monitor.

Telemetry & Alarming

With the use of IoT and LTE-M communications, service engineers can quickly and proactively respond to level, flow, or overflow conditions long before an emergency takes place.

10-Minute Easy Install Flumes

Primary devices that are customized to the flow monitoring site and are guaranteed for easy installation, delivering superior data quality.

Intrinsic Safety

Equipment designed for use in hazardous and potentially explosive atmospheres in sanitary, storm, or industrial-use sewers, utilizing non-spark proofing to keep the area safe.

Event-Based Reporting

Respond to storm events, overflows, surcharges, and inflow and infiltration scenarios through real-time reporting of flow conditions.

Specialized Tools

Certain scenarios, such as low flow, may be best serviced by combining primary devices such as customized flumes with downward-looking ultrasonic sensors.

Rechargeable Batteries

The rechargeable battery brings thousands of dollars of savings over a typical life expectancy of five (5) years, when compared to the traditional disposable batteries.

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